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The status of provisionally cast ballots is shown on this page.

The status of provisional and conditional voter registration (CVR) ballots is shown here.

If you cast a provisional ballot in the current election, provide your year of birth, first name, and residential street name in the form below.


Enter your year of birth, first name, and residential Street name (no house number or street direction), then click "SEARCH" to check the status of your provisional ballot.

Search tip: If your residential address includes a directional word such as North, South, East or West, don't enter the directional word in the search box. Example: If you live on South Gratton Road, only enter Gratton as the residential street name. If you live on Veneman Avenue North, only enter Veneman.

You are entitled to learn if your provisionally case ballot was counted, or if not why it was disqualified.
For this confidential information, please check no sooner than 40 days after Election Day.

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