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Go paperless 2015 go green! Stanislaus County voters now can subscribe online to the e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet. This service provides voters the choice to view their Official Sample Ballot Pamphlet and other important election information online.

How do I change the way I receive my Sample Ballot Pamphlet?

Registered voters can subscribe to view their e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet on www.stanvote.com. Use the online form to stop mail delivery of your paper Sample Ballot Pamphlet and start viewing your e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet online. This one-step subscription process is fast and secure and makes election information more portable for the growing population of voters on the go. It also saves paper.

Subscribers will automatically receive notification when important election information is available prior to each election and will no longer receive a hard copy of their Official Sample Ballot Pamphlet in the mail.

If the Sample Ballot Pamphlet mailing for the upcoming election is in progress when you subscribe, you may receive both a hard copy and an email notification that the e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet is available for viewing online for that one election. E-Sample Ballot Pamphlets are available online prior to elections at www.stanvote.com.

California law requires that the Registrar of Voters confirm a voter's identity before completing an e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet subscription. In lieu of the voter's signature, the online subscription form requires the California Driver's License or Identification Card number or the last four digits of the voter's Social Security Number. Your California Driver's License, Identification Card number and SSN are confidential.

How will I receive my e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet?

After subscribing, voters will receive an email notification advising them that the Official e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet or other important election information is available online.

How can I unsubscribe from e-Sample Ballot Pamphlet if I decide to return to paper?

Voters can unsubscribe at any time and restart mail delivery by simply submitting the requested change using the same online form.

I currently receive my Sample Ballot Pamphlet in the mail and don't want to change!

Easy. If you wish to continue receiving your Sample Ballot Pamphlet in the mail, no action is necessary. You will continue to receive your sample ballot by mail.

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